What is Episodic Ataxia?


Later as some of my siblings grew older, they began to experience similar episodes, although not as severe as mine. When the other members of my family began having episodes, some of the doctors became more interested. The symptoms in the other members of my family began about the same age the attacks started occurring in me. I have gone through many different and difficult experiences because of this disorder. One of my experiences occurred while I was attending college at night. One night, I parked on the opposite side of campus where I attended class.

walking uncoordonate

At that time, I was embarrassed about my sickness, because no one understood, and many people thought it was in my head, but I was not going to give up. I became ill during class, and I was not sure how I was going to get to my car. I waited until everyone had left the classroom, and I crawled from one side of the campus to the other to reach my car. When I reached my car, I crawled in, laid down, and slept until I could drive home. By accident, he found a doctor in Oregon, Dr Jay Nutt, (don’t be fooled by the name) who had actually seen a doctor.

In another episode, I was in one of my University classes. I had to give an oral presentation, and I felt an attack coming, but I tried to ignore it. When it was time to give the presentation, I walked to the front of the class. In the middle of the presentation, I lost my coordination, my legs buckled beneath me, and I called out for someone to help me. They wheeled me into the next room until someone could take me home. In 1982, we received some interesting news from my uncle. We found out he had some of the same symptoms I was having.