Mi Historia - viviendo con la ataxia episódica

person with ataxia

After several more doctor visits, and after more tests that did not show anything, the doctors suggested I see a psychiatrist. My father, however, did not believe in psychiatrists, so I never went. I did not know what to do. Nobody believed me. They either thought I was on drugs, or they thought it was psychosomatic. I knew that it was not in my head, but I wasn't able to convince anyone of it.

poor condition of moving

After all these bad experiences, I stopped seeing doctors, and I tried to learn to live with it. In 1977, I married a girl from Central America, but before we got married, I told her about my sickness. She didn't seem to care. But in 1979, at the age of 24, the disorder turned for the worse. At the time I was working my way through school as an orderly in a local hospital. I was carrying a patient on a gurney, and I had an attack. Normally, during an attack I could continue functioning.


Although dizzy and sick, I was still able to continue what I was doing without anyone noticing how I felt. But, this episode was different. I lost control of my legs. I lost total coordination. My arms wanted to go one way, and my legs wanted to go another. I collapsed onto the floor, and I was not able to control any portion of my body. The patient on the gurney left my hands and went crashing through the double doors. They took me to emergency, and I was later released. The following day, a similar episode occurred. I subsequently had to quit my job at the hospital, and I spent five months on disability. Ever since those episodes, I continued to feel tingling sensations in my legs, arms and joints.